Need to Move Your Meeting Online Due to Covid-19? We Have A Solution for You!

Le Pont Translations provides a solution for your communication needs in these uncertain times by bridging the gap of language barrier through Simultaneous RSI, Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (on your preferred platform) in lieu of on-site or in person conference interpreting.  

VIRTUAL MEETINGS: Multilingual conferences, corporate events, meetings, workshops/webinars, training and or daily briefings.

Tips for A Successful Virtual Meeting Using RSI


For the best outcome for your virtual event, It is paramount to work as a TEAM during the planning, test run (dressed rehearsal/preparation) and execution on the Day of  the event or meeting. 

A part from testing the platform and equipment an the plan,  As in on-site conference interpreting, it a good opportunity raise your questions and also answer any questions or concerns the interpreters might have such definition of ACRONYMS (DC can mean something different) and client’s preferred terms ( ex:Le COVID-19  or La COVID-19).

Moreover, making relevant materials available to the Interpreters so they can be prepared and become familiar with the subject matter to do their job.

Another important piece of the puzzle, Being seen and heard especially by the interpreters. 



3- SOUND QUALITY 🔊 :  💡 Wearing a headset (recommended for presenters/moderators and Interpreters) will enhance the sound quality.  A poor sound quality can lead to valuable information being lost and also a possible acoustique choc (Nimdzi article) for Interpreters.


After the event, it is advisable to discuss what went well and areas of improvement for future events.

Feel free to download this blog for future reference. Contact us today for a consultation. 

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